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Teens Start Movement To Help Community Members On The Front Lines

Teens Start Movement To Help Community Members On The Front Lines

They’re asking other Gen Z’ers to step up and join their cause.

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Kristen Burns – Apr. 07, 2020 03:11 PM EST

Now that schools are closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s looking like they’ll remain that way for the rest of the academic year, some students are spending their days parked in front of TVs or glued to their cell phone screens.

Others are using their time off to make a difference.

That includes Drew and Heather Paglia, who recently launched a GoFundMe to support first responders, local businesses and healthcare workers in their hometown of Millstone, NJ.

Siblings Drew and Heather Paglia are raising money to support business and first responders in their community. Drew Paglia/Facebook

The teen siblings are using the donations to buy gift cards from local businesses to give to “Heroes On The Front Lines,” or those who are working tirelessly to save lives in their community.

They’re also making sure that senior citizens in their area are taken care of since most of them are isolated and can’t go out since they’re at high risk of catching the virus.

Drew and Heather have been partnering with some of their favorite local restaurants to buy gift cards and food, and they’ve reached out to nearby health facilities to pass out the meals to those who need them.

The teens are getting food to those fighting on the front lines of the virus. Drew Paglia/Facebook

Centrastate, the closest hospital to Millstone, even asked the teens for gift cards to give to their newly released patients so they wouldn’t need to leave their homes right away.

After they raised over $2,500 with a GoFundMe page, the hard-working duo decided to take their fundraiser to the next level. They started an online group called the ‘5Help Team’ to share ideas on how to help their neighbors and to recruit volunteers to help with food and gift card drop-offs.

go fund me 5 help
Thanks to the success of their GoFundMe, Drew and Heather have been able to support several local businesses during the crisis. Drew Paglia/Facebook

The Paglias also recently launched a website, 5help.org, to help spread the word about their good deeds and to gather donations from other Gen Z’ers for their cause.

Millstone Pharmacy
Thank you for your generosity to our GoFundMe fundraiser! Since Millstone Pharmacy has done so much for our community, it only seemed appropriate that we purchase some delicious food from our GoFundMe for all they are doing to make sure everyone gets what they need. There was no better business to support for this effort than Vesuvio’s / Nick’s Place. A big campaign is coming….stay tuned! gf.me/u/xsku78.
If you would like to support the effort:
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