Support Local 1st Responders, Seniors & Businesses Through GoFundMe Campaign

Support Local 1st Responders, Seniors & Businesses Through GoFundMe Campaign

Posted by Louise San Nicola Date: March 26, 2020 in: BusinessCommunity ResourcesMillstoneTop Stories

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Millstone residents Drew and Heather Paglia organized a GoFundMe campaign to support first responders, senior citizens, and local businesses during this challenging time. 

Dear Millstone Families,

My sister, Heather, and I live in our wonderful Millstone community. We have seen how our community always comes together in a time of need. Our local businesses have also been there to support many efforts throughout the years. These same businesses, along with some new ones, like The Daily Gourmet, really need our help right now. We have all been impacted in some way and everyone has a different situation, but there is a way for all of us to help those who need us most right now.

We wanted to do our part to help those businesses as well as show our appreciation and support to our first responders and healthcare workers who are putting themselves and their families at risk on a daily basis to save others. They are our true heroes. We are also trying to help any senior citizen or anyone else who could use our help. We created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to purchase food from our local businesses that they will deliver to our first responders and health care staff. Our first effort is at CentraState where they are working around the clock to save others. CentraState has treated a lot of Coronavirus patients including a family who experienced tragic losses. We hope this will brighten their day and let them know we appreciate everything they are doing.

At the same time, we will be helping our local businesses by purchasing their delicious food. It really is a win-win for everyone. Not only are you helping our local businesses and healthcare workers, but you will be able to look back and know that you helped someone in their time of need. No donation is too small. Even $5 will help now. If you can’t donate at this time, please share this link and say some extra prayers to protect those on the front lines.

We want to thank the administrators of this group for allowing us to join and post this GoFundMe link, our fantastic Mayor Masci who put out a great list of our local businesses, Mrs. San Nicola who will be helping spread the word about this campaign, the awesome Dr. Huss, Mrs. Ryan for helping us reach this group and her advice, and all of you for taking the time to read this. We also want to thank The Daily Gourmet, Vesuvio’s, and Albivi’s who are ready to supply their delicious food.

We are open to any suggestions or recommendations as to how we can do more to help. The more money we can raise, the more we can do! We have also reached out to Mr. Grandich to see if he and his group would like to help oversee how the funds are spent to ensure full accountability. We will also be posting when an order is being delivered so you can see how much of an impact each of you has made. We couldn’t do this without you!!

If you are a local business who can use our help and haven’t received our direct message, please private message us. Together we are Millstone Strong!! Thank you and stay safe! Drew and Heather Paglia.  Tags: Drew Paglia GoFundMe Millstone Township Heather Paglia Louise San Nicola Millstone Township MyCommunitySource.com slider support first responders

Please help Support Local 1st Responders, Seniors & Businesses Through GoFundMe Campaign

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