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5Help Holiday Gifts Seniors Veterans Kids

Holiday Gifts For Seniors, Veterans, & Children in Need!

Total Raised: $61,334!

Please help us spread some holiday cheer and provide comfort and hope to seniors and veterans in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. 5Help Foundation is an Approved Toys for Tots Location & is also collecting & distributing toys to those in need including orphanages, women’s/childrens shelters, etc. 100% of donations go to buying gifts while looking for great deals!

$5 Wipeout COVID-19 Challenge

Total Raised: $26,430!

Started in March 2020 and as seen on Fox News with Steve Doocy. Thanks to the Good News Network, Ms. Janice Dean, and Fox News, 5Help’s efforts went from local to national. 


Veteran Home Rip Up

Veterans Home Torn Apart/Cat Left For Dead

Total Raised: $20,390!

76-yr-old Displaced Army Veteran, Brooks Conner, had his Tuckerton, NJ home ripped up by his townhouse association without his authorization while he spent much of the summer hospitalized with a heart ailment. Money was raised for him to either try to get his home restored or to pay for legal fees to fight the wrongdoing.

80-yr-old veteran tree damage

80-yr-old Local Veteran Desperately Needs Your Help!

Total Raised: $10,777!

A tree went through his roof & he has no heat! Neighbor, Kyle Nilsen, stepped in to help. Funds raised will support basic necessities, restore heat, and help pay for his high insurance deductible. Kyle has worked with the homeowner’s insurance so that the hole in the roof can be repaired and closed and the water damage corrected. Please help provide funding so that this senior veteran can live out his remaining years in comfort and his basic needs met. He has a very high insurance deductible.

79 Year Old Veteran Burned in Fire Wrightstown

79-yr-old Disabled Veteran Burned in Fire!

Total Raised: $5,525!

79 Year Old Disabled Vietnam Veteran from Wrightstown, NJ was severely burned in a fire on his farm. He and his farm animals need your help!

He will be in the hospital/rehab for at least 2 months. All his hay for feeding his animals was destroyed as was his hay barn. Donations needed to help feed & care for the animals & help him with expenses as he recovers. He served his country and now needs our help! Unfortunately, our veteran passed away after 3 months in the hospital. All proceeds are being used to support his animals and the farm has become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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